Feedback from Schools

The pupils are still talking about it and are asking when they can do it again!! Praise indeed! The staff too felt it was a very worthwhile experience for the pupils and it has been added to the pupil’s profiles that they had this experience! I felt the understanding, patience and enthusiasm you had for our pupils certainly was a major factor for the success. The fact that the songs you teach are supported with gestures really did help our kids.

Drumpark School. (North Lanarkshire)

Content was very good. Focused well on issues in Health and wellbeing that related directly to friendship and relationships. Excellent. Enthusiasm and youth go a long way when working with our children! The guys were fantastic with the children and motivated them to learn the songs and participate well. The shows were very enjoyable as well as an excellent showcase for the children’s talent and enthusiasm. Comments from parents about the performances were extremely positive and for some children this was the first time they had really engaged with the whole performance process. It was brilliant! The children and staff loved the immersion in performance for the three days and also loved the experience of recording a CD. Can’t wait to hear it! A wonderful time was had by all at Greenhill- made even better by the joint nature of the performance. This linked in well with other initiatives that we have going in the school and was taking place during Anti-Bullying month which helped to reinforce learning in class.

Greenhill Primary. (North Lanarkshire)

Children and audience loved the concerts Our Pupils thought it was great! Every song had an important message and everything that was said was understood by the whole school P1-P7’  It was a fun way to get children thinking about bullying and self-confidence the shows were exciting and the pupils enjoyed dressing up. Overall we loved working with the Rookie Rockstars!

Chryston Primary (North Lanarkshire)

The message being delivered through song is a good one which children enjoyed and found meaningful. The number of children in the hall together for long periods of time did concern me but it worked and children enjoyed ‘dance actions’. The teaching periods were planned in detail. The performance went very well and audience interaction was very positive.  Our children had a wonderful experience and all ages had fun learning about a very serious theme. The Rockstars staff were very responsive to the local issues/ concerns raised in the time here and worked hard to make sure our needs were met.

Carmyle Primary  (Glasgow)

Our children have clearly loved every minute. They have also learned some important messages from your amazing songs. You have also made lots of staff and parents smile too!”

Herbert Thompson First School (Cardiff)

Brilliant idea! Lovely to see all the kids rocking it! The Pupils loved learning the songs and the games’ and loved performing and singing they also appreciated the meanings of the songs. The children’s smiling faces said it all. Loved the messages in the songs – hope they will carry the lessons learned with them

Lakeside Primary (Cardiff)

The content was relevant to our school and pupil needs. It tied in with lots of aspects of Personal and Social development focusing on friendships, being kind, respect, being unique and anti-bullying. Good clear messages throughout the programme about acceptable behaviours. The programme allowed all our pupils to be included with attention being taken to ensure all children’s needs were met. It was very inspirational. It was delivered to a high standard with both pupils and staff being motivated and inspired. It was delivered clearly. The team who delivered our programme did so to a high standard. Pupils were encouraged to take part and be actively involved. They enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and to get to know the Rookie Rockstars, they especially enjoyed the interaction at playtime. The programme was well organised, fitting in with our school requirements. Communication before the event was good with all questions answered. The performance show was fantastic. It was enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff. It was well organised and very motivational and inspiring. Parents, pupils and staff really enjoyed this event and spoke very highly about it! The overall experience for our pupils has been amazing. We are continuing to embed the messages of respect and friendship throughout our school. We are hoping this will have a positive impact on our pupils with the Rookie Rockstar messages being discussed in assemblies and in class. Thank you so much for being inspirational, motivational and supportive!

Bainsford Primary  (Falkirk)

Spot on. Relevant and got children thinking and !moving and performing. Good ethos between group and pupils- Cool Dudes! ! All went smoothly with scope for flexibility.”

Portree Primary  (Portree)

“The values & moral themes of Rookie Rockstars were very appropriate, with a fun, positive and very enthusiastic delivery. All information was clear and helpful before, !during and after the visit. Dunvegan had a rocking night out – very positive feedback from parents and kids! A great way to end the term! It was a fantastic rock musical experience for our kids which was unlike anything we could have achieved ourselves. It definitely met many of Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes and was a real highlight in our school calendar! We think you’ve got it just right! Our staff said  It was a great night out! Pupils – Really fun and epic!!!!!  and parents – fantastic show – like a stairway to heaven!! :-)”

Dunvegan Primary (Isle of Skye)

“The content of the programme delivered important key messages to young people through a fun and engaging way which the children were very motivated by. The content covered Health & wellbeing Experiences and outcomes and touched a little on music Experiences and Outcomes also. The children really enjoyed the engaging style of the learning. The Rockstars are a unique concept which caught the imagination of the children. They loved the challenges, the songs were catchy and engaging and the team themselves worked really well with the children to form effective relationships from the outset. The organisation and planning of the event was excellent. The team ensured minimum disruption to the school and organised all the details very efficiently. Everyone involved loved the shows! We were surprised it would be possible to put on an engaging and exciting show for parents within such a short period of time. All parents I spoke to commented very positively on the show and really enjoyed it. The children loved the aspect of performing to their families and the fact that family members were involved in the show. Overall the children had a fantastic experience. They had a high energy fun experience that was completely different to anything they had ever been involved in through school before. I just want to say thank you again for such a fun and engaging week. I loved the buzz and energy around the school that the Rockstars Programme brought.”

Swinton Primary (Glasgow)