Support For Parents

Rookie Rockstars have worked with over 100,000 school pupils across Scotland.  We have 400 students who come to us weekly for music lessons.  Working with so many young people we came to realise that from time to time they can struggle through various situations.  Through talking to parents it was evident there was a real lack of support available for struggling youngsters.  It is for this reason that we started Rookie Minds.  Our aim is to improve the resilience, confidence and mental health of the young people we work with. We currently provide children and young persons mental health services in several primary and secondary schools throughout Scotland and have private practices in Kirkintilloch and Falkirk.  We help young people to deal with a variety of issues including bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, neglect, loss, trauma, family breakups and many more issues.

If you feel your child would benefit from counselling, please get in touch to speak to one of our counsellors via 0141 404 0057 or minds@rookierockstars.org.uk

Young Persons Counselling

Generally for ages 11-18 we offer one-to-one counselling to young people.  This involves chatting to the young person and helping them to perhaps have a different outlook on certain things or giving them coping strategies.  We also try to build a positive relationship with every young person who uses the service. As  a neutral, i.e. not part of usual school or family life we are able to offer a safe place for them to truly open up and get they help they so greatly need.

Counselling for children.

For ages 5-11 we offer play therapy.  A child simply cannot express themselves in the way that an adult or even a teenager can.  Through play a child can feel at ease, allowing them to express themselves and really open up about whats going on in their lives. Drawing, playing with toys, wearing costumes or role playing, allows children to explore how they feel the way they do, in a very natural, everyday way. Play therapy can have wonderful results especially as the child gets more and more comfortable with their counsellor.