A15107490_1475798235782880_6899097239648745224_nt Rookie Rockstars we work with thousands of kids every single month! Something we have been asked many many times is if we can do kids parties. Until now the answer has been no, however not ones for letting folks down we decided to go for it!!

Our parties allow your child to have the fun of working with the Rookie Rockstars team whilst at the same time reinforcing the Rookie Rockstars core values of friendship, kindness, confidence, self esteem and more!

If you want a fun filled party of singing your favourite songs and doing some of Rookie Rockstars legendary challenges then get in touch!! 0141-404-0057

Every penny of profit from our parties goes straight back into the charity, helping us get our message to more and more young people across Scotland.  So as well as having the most Awesome Rocking party EVER! you are supporting what we do too!  A win win! and there ain’t too many of those anymore!!